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UCLA Housing Search, Made Easy
Our Story

BruinShack was started by a UCLA student who personally experienced the stress of searching for housing. Having to move 13 times due to being on the edge of homelessness, finding a place to stay was never easy. Walking around and jotting phone numbers, applying to waitlists, the housing search process was miserable.

Wanting to make something that could help future students, BruinShack was created as a housing search platform that puts students first. With peer reviews, transparent pricing, and comprehensive listings, BruinShack's goal is to equip students with the information necessary to successfully navigate the student housing landscape.

Core Features
Centralized Directory
Unlike other housing search platforms that only contain a patchwork of listings, our goal is to show you all your options in one place.
Lean on the experience of prior students when deciding where to live. See how many students recommend the property before deciding where to call home.
Transparent Pricing
We believe in price transparency, which is why we only allow a single price rather than a range. You should know exactly how much you’re paying before you walk in the door.
Affordable Housing Services
BruinShack's founder was a student who came close to homelessness, having to drop out of school for a quarter to work. We are constantly looking for services that can support students struggling with housing.
Meet The Team
Charlotte Forman
Charlotte Forman
Community Development Lead

As a UCLA student who struggled to navigate the Westwood apartment scene, I want to help ease the process for my community as well as contribute to BruinShack’s social media presence and overall design!

Conrad Sue
Conrad Sue
Data Lead

BruinShack is very concise and well formatted to deliver the information directly.

Danny Tang
Danny Tang
Engineering Lead

After a really rough housing experience, I want to ensure future students can have the information they need to find good housing. I also hope to be a housing developer and city planner.

Jordan Conklin
Jordan Conklin
Software Engineer

I hope to bring a sense of ease in the housing process for future UCLA students to make people feel more at home

Disha Sikaria
Disha Sikaria
Product Designer

Excited to create easy to navigate, user-oriented experiences at BruinShack, with student needs at the core of every decision.


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