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UCLA Housing Search, Made Easy
Our Story

BruinShack was started by a UCLA student who personally experienced the stress of searching for housing in Westwood.

Wanting to make something that could help future students, BruinShack was created as a housing search platform that puts students first.

Core Features
Verified Listings
We work hard to individually verify each listing so that you don't have to worry about scams.
Lean on the experience of prior students when deciding where to live.
Transparent Pricing
We believe in price transparency, which is why we only allow a single price rather than a range.
Giving Back
Our goal is to help students with housing. Ten percent of all listing fees go directly towards supporting homeless students.
Meet The Team
Dalia Marouf
Dalia Marouf
Social Media and Marketing

BruinShack has made discovering housing easier for UCLA students in Westwood. I want to contribute to expand the mission of what this platform has to offer and give hope and stability to students that may be overwhelmed by the uncertainty of their living situation.

Olivia Baetz
Olivia Baetz
Marketing and UX

I have experienced the housing market in Westwood and know how difficult it can be as a student, and would love to help the UCLA community to make housing searching less stressful.

Danny Tang
Danny Tang
Operations Support

After a really rough time with finding housing, I want to ensure future Bruins can find a place to live.

Jordan Conklin
Jordan Conklin
Software Engineering

I hope to bring a sense of ease in the housing process for future UCLA students to make people feel more at home


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